So because I get a lot of interesting questions from my tumblr¬†followers I decided to make a video blog just for them. From now untill 5/31/2011 I will be asking my followers to ask me ANYTHING. On the 1st I will review all the questions in my ask box and choose my favorites to answer! The video will then be posted on all my social net working sites ūüôā So in order to ask me anything you want! All you have to do it go to www.alicasanova.tumblr.com/ask!


Adding things to my online store, shopping for things for my online store…and pretty much focusing 110% on Hand Dried Roses.

I’ll be writing a nice little REAL blog for this site soon. Sorry it’s been a while!



Check out my new picture blog on SuicideGirls.com


Today I hung out with my friend Jetta Vegas. It’s been a long time since we had one on one time together but honestly it was quite refreshing. We did a lot of catching up and brainstorming for our futures and I got to help out with making a podcast!

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I cleaned my room!

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Hand Dried Roses

Hand Dried Roses is my very own vintage store hosted on Etsy. I pride myself on having good quality, interesting vintage (and sometimes handmade) items. I have always had a passion for interesting finds so I hope this tickles your fancy.


Here are some examples of things I sell: